The Human Digital Award

The Hankyoreh Human and Digital Lab establish this award to increase user sovereignty and technological values in a digital environment. It was created to encourage and promote outstanding achievements by evaluating human-friendly digital technologies. Since the first awards ceremony in 2015, this evaluation and awards ceremony has been held annually. This award selects and promotes superior technologies by the users’ wishes and social values so that convenient digital technologies may evolve into safer and happier tools for the users. The award is selected through a multifaceted evaluation of the various outstanding devices in terms of social influence and which offer significant value among Korea's digital and internet-based services.


Since smartphones have become popular, our daily lives and social relationships are highly dependent on digital technologies and services. User sovereignty is becoming important to use advanced digital technologies smarter and more convenient. This is because digital technology often puts developers or corporate needs ahead of users due to its versatility, complexity, and fiercely competitive environment.
Human Technology Awards serve to provide information that is helpful to users and suggest greater value for technology. “Human-friendly technology” has become a major value not only in consumer rights, but also in societies for businesses and developers. Technology must consider users and be trustworthy in order to be sustainable and successful in the global market.

Subject to Evaluation

The Human-Technology Award evaluates examples of people-friendly digital technology among widely used digital services and devices. The main subjects of these evaluations are a variety of digital technologies by big companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups, public institutions, and nonprofit organizations. Low-profile cases with innovative and future-oriented values and people, organizations, policies, and legislative activities contributing to people-friendly digital technology are also included as targets of particular interest for evaluation.

Evaluation Criteria

The Human Technology Award focuses on digital social and cultural innovations such as value creation, information sharing, and public interest as well as user friendliness including convenience, safety and creativity of digital users.

  • - Convenience: Is it easy and universal?
  • - Safety: Is it easy to protect and block personal information and privacy?
  • - Creativity: How creative and original is it?
  • - Value creation: Does it contribute to discovering new values and spreading innovation?
  • - Information sharing: Does it promotes the values of participation and sharing through an open-type model?
  • - Public interest: Does it focus on consistent values that individuals and communities need to pursue?
Judging Committee

Yoon Jong-soo


Bae Young

Professor, Pohang University of Science and Technology

Kim Good-hyun

CEO, Editoy

Lee Won-tae

Korea Internet Security Agency

Jeon Jin-han

Head, Right To Know Coop

Kelly Chae

CEO, Bigwavv

Hwang Yong-suk

Professor, Konkuk University
Evaluation Process

Preparatory Committee


Preparation of Review Improvement Plan


Launch of Judging


Judging committee


Evaluation Target
Candidate Group Confirmed


User online
Evaluation and
Public Statement Evaluation


Selection of Awarded Candidates


Judging committee



Winners of the Human Digital Award
2015 Grand Prize
Daum Kakao

Kakao Talk User Rights Enhancement Service

2016 Grand Prize
NC Cultural Foundation

Complementary Alternative Communication

2017 Grand Prize
Kakao Bank of Korea

Kakao Bank

2018 Grand Prize
hy Co., Ltd.

Mobile Refrigerator CoCo

2020 Grand Prize
Daangn Market Inc.

Daangn Market

2021. Grand Prize
KT Corporation

KT 080 Call Checkin Service

2022. Grand Prize

Naver CLOVA Care Call